Scripted: Drawing grid, simulation mesh

How do I turn off the Drawing grid, and turn on the simulation mesh, via script?

If this is not possible, can you please add this as a feature request?

thank you

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Hi @lukasc

Unfortunately we don’t have scripts to enable/disable Drawing grid or simulation mesh. However, you can set the default settings of your FDTD simulation so that when ever you open a new file, it automatically starts with new default settings. For example in Windows, you can set it from “\Program Files\Lumerical\FDTD\defaults” folder.

I created a feature request and hopefully we can have this feature on the next release.

@lukasc, Great questions, I hate this grid view. Specially when I wrote my whole code and unable to view structure carefully. Please add this options.

Dear @visvas

Thanks for providing us with your idea.
This has been added to our feature request list. Hopefully it will be implemented soon.


can i use "if " statement to enable or disable a mesh region;
for example:
if (mesh==1){

then i just need to control the values of the property “mesh” to be 0(closed) or 1(opened)?

Dear @concerty

I’m not quite sure what you are planning to do, but you can use set or setnamed commands to enable/disable any object in Objects Tree without the need for an if command:

mm=0; # Use 0 to disable and 1 to enable setnamed("mesh","enabled",mm);

I hope this answered your question.