Script Problem on Mode Solution, Simulating Slot Waveguides



Hi, I am writing script to ask Mode Solution doing simulation on Silicon Slot Waveguide. But I come across a problem in my script.
Basically, I want to vary the width of the slot, and calculate the Power inside the slot for each. I am using the “Power and Intensity Integration” option in analysis panel.
My setup is Si_slot.lms (240.5 KB), and I wrote a script, which is a pretty simple onesilicon_slot.lsf (697 Bytes)
. And then I open the Si_slot.lms and run the script opened inside the script file editor.
In turns out that, the Mode Solution doesn’t record the Power exactly as I asked it to do in my script. The Powers I records turns out be same for different slots, and it is actually the power of the one of the slot width I ran.


Hi Chenyy93,
I changed the mode selected to mode (2) since mode (1) is a TE mode that has no confined power in the slot. Now the Power is not the same for all slots. Is this what you want to see?



Hi aya_zaki,thanks for your answer. I change mode selected to mode(2). And I run the script. What I get from the Power_fraction is
It seems like the script cannot record the data if I just run code. Could u please rerun and doublecheck it again? I am so confused. Thanks!


I actually changed nothing at all except the mode number. Did you try to do this manually without a script like the figure below?

I also recommend that you check the MODE version you are using. (I am using 2016b)


Hi aya_zaki, thank you so much. I just installed the 2016b Mode Solution, it seems that I could get the results now.