Script EME problems

I’m working on a MMI to test the software. I already implemented using the design blocks but now I’m testing the script construction. I’m having a problems defining the eme ports. I already did some things from KB but it did not help. My script is as follows.

EME.txt (1.4 KB)

Running the test it gives this error:

Warning: prompt line 410: no objects matching that name were found.
Error: prompt line 411: in set, no items are currently selected

But looking at the eme tree I have the 4 ports defined at the desired locations and the rest of the script working.
What must be the problem?

Thanks in advance,
João Fernandes

Hi @joao.diogo,

This piece of script works fine for me without popping out any error. Do you mind to attach the full script and let us know which version of MODE Solutions are you using? Thank you.

The design of the MMI is classified since is part of the project I’m working. I implemented the design with the blocks and it worked, but it is much easier to optimize it through the use of scripts. Although it shows the warning and error, the ports go to it place and the scripts runs, but it is more slow than when using the construction blocks and the propagation it is not correct.

Thank you.

Hi @joao.diogo,

Thank you for your feedback. Do you mind to attach your simulation file and script here so that I can have a look at the problem? Thank you.