Schottky vs Ohmic contact



I have a question regarding the electrical boundary condition.

Let us suppose a semiconductor between two metal electrodes. I want to make one of the electrodes ohmic contact and the other one schottky and I wonder how this is modelled in lumerical. In the electrical contact there is an option “force ohmic” and I have used that already but as you see in the attached file, it seems that finally I get both contacts ohmic based on the monitor data. Does the boundary condition apply to the boundary between the metal and the semiconductor? It will be absolutely helpful if you can let me know which mistake I am doing.

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test.ldev (5.9 MB)


Hi @naqavi, I have looked at your file and it looks to me that the contacts are behaving the way you want. For example below is a screenshot of the band profile from the bandstructure monitor under 0 V. You can see that the bottom contact is Ohmic while the top contact is Schottky in nature. The only change I made to the file is that I extended the monitor through the simulation edges to ensure that it covers the entire active region.