scattering dielectric sphere

I am trying to simulate the mie scattering of a dielectric sphere here Se two things: the y axis is arbitrary right?..also i would like to simulate from 0.4 micron to 1.6 micron in the interval of 1 nm…i coulsd not find in the source to change this…i would expect a peak around 560nm…how could i do that in this file?

Hi. I am guessing that you are using the mie_example_3d.fsp file from this page. This example uses a TFSF source named “mie_source”. You can go to the property editor of the source and change the wavelength range from 0.4 to 1.6 micron under the “Frequency/Wavelength” tab.

For the spacing of the frequency data, you will need to change that from the monitor settings. All the analysis groups in the file use DFT monitors to collect data. These monitors’ settings are determined by the “global monitor setting”. You can change the global monitor setting and enable the “use linear wavelength spacing” option to use linear steps in the wavelength scale. For a 1nm step size, you will need to use 1201 points between 0.4 to 1.6 micron (see screenshot).

Now one thing to keep in mind is that using so many points in the frequency domain will make the memory requirements large. For example, for the default setting of 15 points in the frequency domain, the file requires 61 MB to store the data. However, when you make this number 1201, the data size becomes 4.8 GB. So before you run the simulation with this fine grid in the frequency domain, you should try to determine if you can use a larger interval and still get the desired result.


Hi aalam,
I am also interested to check the absorption and scattering cross section of the a cross shape Si structure. I want to illuminate the structure from bottom to down or vicev-versa. And I am interested to collect the results from 400 to 700 nm visible range. I am not getting which analysis group will be usefull.
The script file that you mensioned does not provide the results with respect to wavelength but instead it is with respect to size. Here I am uploading my file. absorption.fsp (303.0 KB)

Sorry, update file is here. But I am not sure, these results are correct or not. Could you please tell how to get absorption and scattering plot by using file.fsp (475.4 KB)