scattering cross section

I am trying to find te scattering cross section of my particles and how it will chnage as a function of its size.
. I am wondering why there are so many peaks coming up…since my particle is spherical. Is there a problem in my program?
How will I change if i want also a substrate?

Dear @tapajyoti_das_gupta

You can compare your results with the results in these links and ultimately the theoretical results:


If you still had any problems, I will be happy to take a look at your simulation file.


Hi @tapajyoti_das_gupta
The light is trapped between the particle and the substrate, as a result you should not ignore the effect of the substrate. If you change the substrate you will notice some differences. You could measure the scatter cross section from the nanoparticle and check the effect of the substrate on shifting the peak resonance. I would recommend you to run three simulations. First, disable the substrate and measure the scattering cross section. Next, run another simulation and see the enhancement in the scattering cross section or Electric field. Run this simulation, but this time with another substrate. The best way to do this is to use the TFSF source and scattering analysis group