Scattering cross-section in one direction only

Is it possible to evaluate the scattering cross-section of a given structure in only 1 special direction? I have a non-periodic structure, with the incoming light coming from the z-direction, I only want to evaluate light scattered in monitors along the positive and negative z-direction. I guess you could modify the scattering analysis group in the software, but I would rather ask if someone has a solution here first.

Hi @pedram.sadeghi
In Lumerical’s knowledge base there is an analysis group available about optical power. An analysis group of power monitors for measuring scattering, absorption, extinction cross sections.

In this page you can find about Mie scattering in three dimensions from a gold nano-particle and compare the scattering and absorption cross sections to the analytic solution. You can also learn how to calculate the angular scattering in a plane around the particle.

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Dear @pedram.sadeghi

As @konslekk mentioned, the Mie Scattering is a very good example to start with. Each of the analysis group consists of 6 monitors in 3D that records transmission. You can calculate the total transmitted or scattered light by summing over all monitors (done automatically by analysis group) or choose only one monitor and study transmission in desired direction.

I hope this answers your question.


Thank you for the replies. I will try and modify the analysis group, so that transmission/scattering in only one direction is evaluated.