Saving unfolded data


I’m trying to compute a mode overlap between a field simulated in FDTD and a mode which I’ve calculated in MODE. The problem is that my FDTD simulation is using an anti-symmetric boundary condition, so the monitors record the data in its folded state (i.e. it only records half the domain). When I then import the data into MODE to compute the overlap, the data is still folded, meaning I have an entire mode in MODE but only half a mode from FDTD. Is there any way for me to unfold the data in MODE before computing the overlap, or save the data from FDTD in its unfolded state? I think the picture describes my issue.


if it can not be solved in the FDTDsolutions and mode,you can make it by expoeting the data and handling it in other software like matlab.

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Yes, I agree with you need to use the symmetry to get the final data via Matlab or Python. Alternatively, if you want to avoid the hassle, then just remove the boundary condition and run it. This will give you what you need.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have reported this as a feature request to be considered for future development. We will post here when this behaviour is modified to save the data in unfolded format.

Meanwhile, you might need to run the FDTD simulation without symmetry boundaries.


Thanks! In the meantime I’ll do the simulations without any symmetries.