Saving movies from script with different titles

I want to write a part or function in my script that allows me to save the output files of the movies monitor under a different name than Lumerical normally does. This is because my script runs my simulation a few times (dipole under different orientations and at different locations) and I want to save about 15 movies or so.

Hi @Bob_Leuven

Unfortunately software chooses the name of movie file to be saved, which is the name of simulation file + name of the movie monitor. One workaround however, would be to rename the movie monitor every time that you run a simulation in your script. If you are running a sweep using optimization and sweep tab, software automatically changes the name of the .fsp file on each run and as a result movie files will be saved with a different name on each run.

I hope this answered your question.

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Yes, this will be what I’ll be using for this specific case, it works well enough.
Right now I’m running my own sweep so I’m using the name of the monitor in the last sweep to select the monitor and then I change the name of the monitor.

thanks for help.

Btw is there any way to just select the first movie monitor in the model without knowing it’s name?

Dear @Bob_Leuven

Not that I am aware off. Sorry. Here you can find ways on how to select objects.