Same Structure giving different reflection spectrum

Hi! So my teammate and I built the same structure on our laptops but we end up getting different graphs after running the fsp file. His laptop is a Fujitsu T7-31 and mine is a Fujitsu T7-32. I am also uploading both of our .fsp files and would really appreciate it if we could get help finding out what we’re doing differently. Thanks!

ITO Block Samiha:
ITO Block Rumman:

Hi @ssamiha

The simulation file requires permission from your side. Can you please save the files in the layout mode and upload them to this post so that I can take a look at them?

In the mean time, the problem is not because of different laptops used for these simulations. This can be either because geometry and simulation files are not identical OR you are using two different versions of the software (which I expect the results will not be much different). You can try to run both on each laptop and then compare the results.