S-Parameter (how to define the "abs and angle")



Base on title —> Waveguide TE mode on Interconnect

I wanna to insert 5 columns in S-parameter with different frequencies. Please refer the figure below:-

How to define “abs and angle”? Is it generate automatically or need to insert manually? If manually, from where should I find the values for abs and angle? I already try and error by load the s-parameter.txt file. But, it’s only work for that example file. Because need to identify the values of abs and angle before load the sparameter.txt to property.

How if I wanna to insert the difference frequency beside 193.1 ThZ and at same time I wanna to add columns(abs and angle)? Where to find the values of abs and angle?

Please show me example how if use difference frequency with 5 columns?

Thanks for your support.

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Hi Kalai,

The s-parameters define the transmission of the element, whichever element you want it to be. You can directly edit the text file and re-load it to the S-Parameter element and the ports will be adjusted accordingly automatically. The first column in the file is always the frequency, you can modify the text file to change the frequency range to fit your design. The ‘abs’ and ‘angle’ are paired to define one set of s-parameter, which is a complex transmission. For more information on the definition of the s-parameter, please refer to the KB page S Parameter extraction.

I hope this could help :slight_smile:


Hi Guanhui,

Ooh. Ok. Noted. Will check it. Thanks for your support.

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