S-parameter extraction from metasurface


I’m trying to design metalens, and I have a question.
I referred to this example, “https://apps.lumerical.com/metamaterials_metalens-design-example.html
In S-parameter analysis, the plane wave source is launched behind the reflection monitor: the source is located behind the reflection monitor. Typically, a reflection monitor is located behind a source because of ignoring the effect of the incident source. Is there a reason the reflection monitor is placed after the source position? I think it is more difficult to analyze the result.


Hello @kimmh10281,

You are correct this is typically the way reflection is calculated; however, in the S-parameter analysis group the R monitor is used to perform important checks on the wave front, and phase evolution. Take a look inside the analysis script to understand the analysis that is being performed.

You could always place another reflection monitor behind the source if you need one?