s parameter extract from MODE to interconnect

dear al
As we all know we can get the s-matrix from MODE EME.But now I want to extract the s matrix from mode and generate a file,which contain the s parameter and can be used directly in the interconnect.How can I do to get the file.(The file upload is a taper simulation).
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Hi @jbwei,

Please have a look at this example: Ring resonator MODE (parameter extraction and Monte Carlo). The example demonstrates how to get the s-matrix and how to save it to a file that INTERCONNECT can recognize. You can also use your own script to do so as long as the format of the file is correct and INTERCONNECT can read it. For the format of the s-parameter files, please refer to the following pages for more information:

Optical S-Parameter (SPAR)
Optical N Port S-Parameter (SPAR)

I hope this could help.

dear gwang
firstly thanks for your feedback.
I have known the ring resonator example and I can get the s parameter from mode to interconnect by writing scripts in Model.But now I want to directly extract the s parameter from Mode EME without writing script in the Model of varFDTD(FDTD) because as we all know we can get the s paramter (user-matrix) in the EME more easily without writing script.What all I want to know is whether can we extract the data of S parameter from EME and apply to interconnect directly or we must also write the similar script as used in the varFDTD and FDTD. Hope to get your feedback.Thanks.:slight_smile:

Hi @jbwei,

You basically have to use script as well to write the s-matrix you got from EME to a file that can be recognized by INTERCONNECT. Even that you can write the s-matrix you got from EME to a text file directly, you have to add some headers to it so that it could be correctly load into INTERCONNECT.

However we now have the new Ports object in FDTD which could automatically generate the s-parameters that are suitable to load to the N Port S-Parameter element. Please refer to the S-parameter matrix sweep page for details.

Hope this helps.

dear gwang
Thanks for your guidance.I will do more work about what you said.Thanks a lot:grinning: