S matrix from experimental data

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1. What device are you trying to simulate? Include diagrams if available.
I would like to create the Smatrix of a device like FDTD does, but with experimental data. Any tutorial on this? I am interested on passive elements.

2. What results are you trying to obtain? Be as specific as possible.
The created txt or .dat file should be interpreted by interconnect as the S matrix of a building block of NxM ports.

3. Description of the problem or issue.

4. Lumerical product and software version.

Trial version, evaluation before puchasing a license.

5. Please attach your simulation files, including any logs.

Hello @antonio.dias,

Thank you for the question. You can see the file formats for the various types of S parameter files on this page:


However, it may be difficult to create S parameters exclusively using experimental results. To create S parameter files, you need both the amplitude/power and the angle/phase as a function of frequency for each S parameter. Typically experiments measure power, but the phase is difficult to determine from experiments. If you don’t think the phase is important you could set it to zero for your S parameters, or you could find the phase using simulations or theory.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.