Running sweeps on your local network

Running (FDTD) sweeps on your local network.

You can run sweeps concurrently on your local network using Windows desktops.

  1. Setup a shared folder on 1 of your local desktop and map this to the same drive letter on the Windows machines you will use to run your simulations.
  2. Store your simulations on this shared mapped drive.
  3. To run simulations concurrently, use MPICH2 or Intel MPI.
  4. Setup user credentials on MPICH2 and register your user on Intel MPI on your local Windows machine. (where you will run simulations from)
  5. Make sure all machines are using the same version of FDTD.
  6. Test each machine that you will be using that it can run your simulations individually.
    e.g. login on each machine and run an example simulation which is stored on the shared mapped drive.
  7. On your local Windows desktop, add the remote machine into your resource configuration.
  8. Open your project file and run your sweeps using other Windows machines that you have configured.
  9. Depending on your license, you can add as many machines to run your simulations concurrently.

Video Demo: Lumerical Product Features - Concurrent computing using FDTD Solutions

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