Run simulations sequentially with a script or batch file

Running FDTD simulations sequencially using a script or batch file

  • This comes handy when you want to run alot of simulations and leave it running in the background with only using the FDTD Engine licenses.
  • We will be using the bundled script or batch file found in the following:
    • Windows:

      "C:\Program Files\Lumerical\2020a\bin\fdtd-run-local.bat"
    • Linux:

    • Not currently available on macOS

Run the simulations in 3 steps

  1. Store you simulation files into a folder where you have full access (read/write).
    Windows: C:\Users\myusername\mysimulations
    Linux: /home/myusername/simulations
  2. Change to the directory of your simulations.
  3. Run the simulations in sequence using the script.
  • Run with 16 cores on Windows:

    cd C:\Users\myusername\mysimulations
    "C:\Program Files\Lumerical\2020a\bin\fdtd-run-local.bat" -n 16 *.fsp 
  • Run with 8 processes for all simulations on Linux:

    cd  /home/myusername/simulations
    /opt/lumerical/2020a/bin/ -n 8 *.fsp 

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