Run scripts on cluster without CAD/GUI



Is it possible to run lsf files on a cluster without GUI license on the cluster? and how to run analysis group on cluster?



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Sorry but the script environment is associated with the Design Environment (CAD/GUI) and is required when running script files (.lsf).
See: Lumerical Licensing - Product Components (video)

Without the Design Environment, you will not be able to run the script files.
We have the following pages that might come handy:


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Thanks @lyap
I am generating the sweep files and running them on the cluster and everything works fine. The only thing I thought it could be faster over the cluster is if I have an analysis group in my file and want to run it to get the data I need.
For example, I have a grating and I want to calculate the zeroth order transmittance with the grating transmission analysis group. I do the sweep for the grating dimension and get the data for the monitors from the simulation that I run over the cluster and run the analysis group on my computer to get the zeroth order transmittance. This way I can not run the analysis on the cluster right?


As shown from the video, the analysis is part of the design environment. This can only be done from within the CAD/GUI.

Once the simulation job is completed from the cluster, you can load them into your local desktop and do the analysis and other stuff using the design environment.


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