Replicate spectrum of white OLED in "Optimize Your OLED/LED in One Second" lecture


I am trying to replicate the spectrum of white OLED in “Optimize Your OLED/LED in One Second” lecture. Unfortunately, My simulation display bad result. I have two questions hope someone can help.

  1. I know that I used different material of ITO, is that the main reason for the wrong result?
  2. what is the thickness value of glass? If I set thickness of glass to zeros (as show in the lecture) still got the wrong spectrum.
    Here are my simulation file and expected spectrum. Thank you!
    white_OLED.fsp (303.1 KB)


How to replicate correct result from paper?

Hi @1672862

I have the script files used in the webinar attached for your review:
library_spectra.lsf (8.0 KB)
7 whiteoled.lsf (2.4 KB)
library_materials.lsf (42.5 KB)

There are a few things that might affect the results that you are obtaining:

  1. Please use the material_library data to update the material indices.
  2. Use a refined mesh and make sure that dipole (shown by white rectangle) is completely located inside the single layer.
  3. Perform convergence testing:

Please keep me updated if you had further inquires.