Removing Lumerical from your machine

How can I remove Lumerical software from my computer?

For Linux Systems, our tools and FlexLM can be removed or uninstalled using the following commands:

2019b version and higher

To remove the Lumerical Launcher. or the FlexNet license manager

sudo yum remove Lumerical-<version_number>.x86_64
sudo yum remove lumerical-flexlm

For versions prior to 2019b:

sudo yum remove FDTD.x86_64
sudo yum remove DEVICE.x86_64
sudo yum remove MODE.x86_64
sudo yum remove INTERCONNECT.x86_64

Windows Systems

Please refer to the links below from Microsoft selecting the Lumerical Software you want to remove:
Windows - Uninstall/Remove Applications

Delete the installation folder

Note: Ensure the you have made copies or backup your license file and Options (LUMERICL.opt) file before removing the installation folder.



Shown below using the default install location

cd /opt/lumerical/
sudo rm -R 2020a
sudo rm -R lumerical-flexlm


To remove or uninstall Lumerical’s photonic design software on a Mac OS X, please refer to the article from Apple: