Removing Lumerical Design Software



How can I remove Lumerical software from my computer?

For Linux Systems, Lumerical’s photonic design software can be removed or uninstalled using the following commands:

FDTD Solutions:
sudo yum remove FDTD.x86_64
sudo yum remove DEVICE.x86_64
MODE Solutions:
sudo yum remove MODE.x86_64
sudo yum remove INTERCONNECT.x86_64
Lumerical’s FlexNet license manager
sudo yum remove lumerical-flexlm

For Windows Systems:
Please refer to the links below from Microsoft selecting the Lumerical Software you want to remove:
Windows 7 - Uninstall/Remove Applications
Windows 10 - Repair application from Control Panel and Remove application from Settings

  • Lumerical FDTD Solutions
  • Lumerical MODE Solutions
  • Lumerical DEVICE
  • Lumerical INTERCONNECT

For Mac OS X:
To remove or uninstall Lumerical’s photonic design software on a Mac OS X, please refer to the article from Apple: