reinstalling lumerical/OS

After installing a newly purchased license of lumerical, I was unable to run any simulations. If I go to resource configuration: Configuration test, I receive the following error:
‘Installation test failed: invalid MPI path’

After finding no immediate advice about how to fix this, I attempted to uninstall and reinstall lumerical, only to discover that I cannot do so because of a data error associated with LFS_data.msi in the unzipping process.

However I am now concerned that in trying to uninstall and reinstall, I may have invalidated my license. Did I need to deactivate the license before uninstalling lumerical, or is that only necessary if I were to change cpus? What if I were to reinstall the OS on this machine in order to resolve my problem with unzipping the lumerical install files?

I have tried unzipping the lumerical install file both directly with windows, and with 7-zip, but both refuse to extract the .msi file because of unspecified problem. How should I go about getting lumerical installed? Thank you.


Can you provide us with a screen shot of your resource configuration?

If it is similar to the above, can we try and install the MPI components individually as discussed here:

Taking note of any error when installing the components.

Please make sure also that the windows firewall is enabled for all connections as shown here:

To answer your question about deactivating your license: It is not necessary to deactivate your license to uninstall / reinstall our software. However, if you make major hardware changes to the computer (eg. a new CPU) or if you change the computer OS, then you definitely should deactivate the license before making those changes.

To resolve your problem with the installation package, I think you should re-download the installation package from our website. If the problem occurs again, try using a different browser, or try downloading and unzipping the file on a different computer.

Thank you both for your help. After downloading the installation package on another machine and transferring it by USB, it installed without a problem, and it seems to have identified the correct license file without further trouble.