Reflection Phase Response of Metasurface




In lots of reflectarray metasurfaces including this paper : Experimental demonstration of reflectarray antennas at terahertz frequencies.pdf (1.8 MB) there is figure (Fig. 3a in this article) which shows the phase of the reflected wave according to change of a parameter in a single cell such as diameter. Does anybody knows how to create such figure? I have created a simple single cell SingleCell.fsp (261.1 KB) metasurface.
Thanks in advance.


Hi @ArashNE

To produce figure 3a), you will like need to obtain the phase shift due to the metasurface, as a function of a design parameter. I think the way to set it up seems reasonable where you have a periodic array in the simulation, and sweep the design parameter.

So now the questions is, how to obtain the phase shift? If both the incoming and outgoing light are normal, then the phase compensation should be easy. You just have to roll back the phase to the surface of the structure. This is discussed here. I think your periodic structure only has 1 grating order, and the reflected wave should be normal too. The phase compensation method might be good enough to return figure 3a to you.

Although the paper seems to suggest a reflected wave with an angle associated to it. But i think this is only the case when you have device like shown in figure 1 - a radius gradient with a unit cell.


Just wanted to mention that there will be Zemax-Lumerical webinar on a topic that you might be interested in