reflection and transmission for simple prism-metal interface

Can anybody help me with this simulation? I need to find out reflection and transmission for my setup.Project-1.fsp (252.6 KB)

Hi, @chaudharinikhil.pita !

As I can infer from your simulation file, your structure dimension is ~ 1-2 micron, which is quite small to anticipate wave optics behavior.
As a result, this is not a prism-metal interface, but rather a nano-sized element.
For example, the central wavelength of the exciting beam is lesser than the corresponding dimension.
Now, the boundaries strongly interfere with the field dynamics, so that to obtain meaningful results the simulation area should be increased.

By the way, why do you simulate this very structure?

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I need to find the SPR curve on the base of prism. I want to coat a metal(Silver) layer (50nm) on the base of prism. My prism dimensions are L=42mm, A=B=10mm. Can you help with the simulation? Also i need to find the reflection and transmission of the setup.


You prism dimensions are too large to be modeled by FDTD as a whole.
If the only need is modeling field propagation through the interface, it is not fair trying simulating the beam propagation through the prism, since this is quite simple and can be done analytically. This way you can find the beam field impinging on the interface.
Then, it is reasonable to use FDTD in a way similar to the example:

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