red component in INTERCONNECT

A simulation was run successfully, the project saved, and later reopened in INTERCONNECT.

Upon opening the project, the colour of the components change to red. When run, the results are empty.


Hi Lukas,

Generally the red color indicates a wrong path of the elements. You could check the path of the elements by clicking on them and check for the “Library” property. Make sure the path is the same as the installed library path, like “::Design Kit::ebeam_v1.2”. But according to the screenshot, this doesn’t seem to be the cause of the problem.

The error messages could also help to isolate the problem, please also attach them. And let me know how to reproduce this problem. Thank you.

Hi Lukas,

Another question, are you importing this circuit from a netlist? And which version of IC are you using? Thank you.

I have not seen this error myself, but rather a student in the edX class. This occurs with the SiEPIC EBeam PDK on GitHub.

Hi Lukas,

It is very possible that it is due to the wrong path. However I can see the PDK properly installed on the screenshot; any chance that the PDK is installed to another directory before and the models are still trying to find the old paths instead of the current one? I will need more information to figure this out. Let me know if you get more information on this.

Thank you,

Apparently the student resolved this by re-installing the PDK.

Hi Lukas,

I am glad the problem is resolved. Let me know if you find further problems :slight_smile: