Radiation pattern


Hi, i want to see the radiation pattern of my design. But i couldn’t figure out how to do it. In fdtd i see the far field pattern, but i want to see the something like this, i.e1
this is varfdtd my file;
off-axis.lms (477.6 KB)

there is also fdtd file;
off-axis.fsp (455.5 KB)
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Hi @dapaydin

Can you please elaborate on your geometry and what you want to do? If your structure is periodic in the y and z direction, you can effectively run a 1D simulation in FDTD. Then you can use DFT monitor to capture the field profile. One thing to note here is that since your structure is periodic, you will not have any radiation pattern. The plot that you have attached shows radiation for a non-periodic structure.