Radial Doping of Star Structure

Dear Sir,

Could you help me to get radial doping of star structure?

thank you

Hi @gsvp6, Have you taken a look at this post: How to add a constant radial doping profile in DEVICE ? The structure in the example is a simple cylinder however the basic principle should be the same for a star. You will have to find some criteria to set doping value to some finite value on the shell of your star and leave the value to be zero on the inside. If you have any issue with the scripting commands and would like more information about them please let us know.

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Dear @aalam,I tried to get the radial doping of star structure with the attached file but I can’t complete. If you may help me to obtain the proper code.
Star doping.lsf (1.1 KB)

Thanks in advance

Hi @gsvp6, I will try to help you with your script however it is very difficult to understand what you are trying to create just by looking at the script. Can you show a schematic of the doping profile you want to create with the proper coordinates and values?


Dear @aalam,I want to thank you for your efforts. In my structure, I design it like the following group analysis (3119_structure_group.fsp (233.7 KB) and I want to doped it as the radial doping. Can you help me?

Sorry, What about my question?

Hi @gsvp6, sorry I haven’t been able to spend much time on this yet. Unfortunately I will be away the next couple of days as well. I will try to write a script to do this task early next week once I am back. Thanks for waiting.

Sorry for the long wait again. I have created a script that will create a shell doping for the star structure you mentioned. Please take a look at the following script.

star_doping.lsf (1.5 KB)

Here’s a screenshot of the doped star:

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Thank you so much

Hi @aalam, I want to thank you for your efforts. In the star_doping code, the core doping equals zero. I ask how to change this value or how to create p-i-n junction.

thanks in advance

Hi @gsvp6, Please take a look at this post to see how you can use a constant doping object together with your import doping object to dope the inside: https://kx.lumerical.com/t/creating-a-ring-doping-profile-for-a-nanowire/1956/2?u=aalam. For the p-i-n case, can you share a figure that shows what your final doping profile will look like?

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Hi @aalam, Thank you for your replying. How to doped the star nanowires as a p-i-n junction like the following figure:

Thanks in advance

Hi @gsvp6,

Even though you have three layers instead of two, the solution could still be the same as https://kx.lumerical.com/t/creating-a-ring-doping-profile-for-a-nanowire/1956/2?u=aalam. Since the doping objects are additive, you can create one for the p region. Then create another (n) one that will cancel the p doping and create the “i” region. Then finally create another n doping that will dope the outside with n doping. Just keep in mind that at any point the net doping would be the sum of the three doping objects.

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