Radial constant doping of a cylindrical core-shell pillar!


I have been trying to dope the shell p type and core n type.
Shell = CdTe ( p type, doping 1e18 cm^-3)
Core = CdS ( n type, doping 8e20 cm^-3)

I have tried the ring-doping script but it looks like the shell has zero doping.
(1) I have used the simulation region geometry in the rectangular grid section of the script. Is it ok?

(2) I am a bit confused about how to do constant doping for inner cylinder as n-type and outer shell as p-type?

I am attaching the file and the script file below along with my file.

File: CdTe_CdS_Al_ZnO.ldev (8.1 MB)
Script File : Ring_Doping.lsf (834 Bytes)

(3) This is what I am obtaining. I don’t think it has a n type core and a p type shell here. Would you please let me know what is the number signifying in the circled area?

Thank you in advance.

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