Quit & Save does not save results


Ever since the last update (8.20.1634) whenever I choose to “Quit & Save” while a simulation is running,

the simulation terminates without any result saved in monitor objects, and the program switches to Layout mode automatically.

I cannot confirm that the update has broken the feature, as I can’t downgrade to previous versions without deleting FDTD Solutions,

and I do not want to risk the license getting deleted along the installed files (or will it not? I’m using Windows 10)

I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same problem.


Hi @seongcheollee94

I checked this in my machine and could not see the problem you mentioned. Can you please send your file and a description on how to reproduce the issue?

I would recommend to try this on a different machine and with a different simulation file. You can also reinstall the software or downgrade to previous version without worrying about loosing your license. Form download center, select the previous release while we are working to fix a potential issue:


Hi @seongcheollee94

I noticed this bug with varFDTD and our team is working to fix it on the next release (within a few weeks).

Thanks for your patience.


Thanks! I’m using FDTD Solutions, and the problem occurs in any simulation and any circumstance, so I believe it is not necessary to provide any specific file or method of reproduction… For now, I’ll downgrade to the previous version.


I did not have this problem in FDTD, and it happened to me only in varFDTD. Hopefully the issue will get fixed in the R2 release.



I’ve downgraded to the previous version and the problem disappeared. I can provide my system specifications if you tell me which one you’d need?


Hi @seongcheollee94

Indeed, the mentioned bug happens only with the 2018b-R1 version. This should get fixed in the next 2018b-R2 release.

Thanks for your patience.