Questions related to Poynting vector Pz




I am confused about the Poynting vector Pz in Mode solutions.

  1. If I set the material RI as a real number, the calculated real(Pz) for mode1 to mode3 are all 0,why?
    wg_2D_TM0_TE1_normal_grid_mesh_dy_10nm_material_real_value.lms (267.2 KB)

  2. If I use the material in library, the calculated real(Pz) for mode1 to mode3 have some values. But the power transmission along propagation for mode2 is a negative value, while that for mode1 and mode3 are positive. Why the sign of transmission for different mode is different?
    Pz.lsf (622 Bytes)
    wg_2D_TM0_TE1_normal_grid_mesh_dy_10nm_material_library.lms (267.2 KB)

  3. Is it possible for me to normalize the transmission power for each mode to 1?

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Hi @yahan


T2 = 0.5*integrate(P2_x,1:2,y,z); # power in watts

? 'T2='+num2str(T2);

In your scripts, you need to extract the Px value if you are integrating over the yz plane:

Doing so:

  1. The values for transmissions are non-zero.
  2. The values are all positive.
  3. Please elaborate. You can multiply E and H fields by a constant to obtain a transmission of 1 if this is what you mean.



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