Question on KLayout + Interconnect Integration

I am trying to get the graphs of the transfer function of a Y branch coupler that I designed in Klayout but I am constantly getting an error in the 2nd detector which causes me to not see anything for the result.
Could you please help?
This is happening for another imbalanced Mach Zehnder Interferometer.
Attached please find the files and let me know what my problem is.

Thanks, Hani
MachZehnder_ImbalanceSpiral (1).GDS (188.8 KB)
Y branch.GDS (132.3 KB)

Hi @hani_nejadriahi,

I’d like to ask a couple of questions before I can help you on this.

  1. Is this Y branch model available in the EBeam CML or you mad your own compact model of it? If this is your own compact model, I will need your CML as well to be able to test it.
  2. What is the error message? Theoretically for a symmetrical Y branch, the two outputs should be identical. It is weird that you can get output from one port but not the other.

Thank you.


The Y branch is from the EBeam CML so I don’t think that is causing any problems. However I don’t think I mentioned any data coming out of any of the ports, if you look carefully on the right side where my code is, it seems like there is a problem when it gets to this line:
"t2 = getresult (“ONA_1”, "input 2,…)

This similar problem occurs for my imbalanced Mach Zehnder Interferometer. I don’t however get an actually error in the code that I can copy and paste for you.

Please let me know.
Thanks, Hani

Hi @hani_nejadriahi,

I ran the DRC checking in KLayout and it reported several pin disconnection problems. Please have a check of the file and make changes accordingly.