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Dear Lumerical Team,

we are using lumerical mode in our server computer. we two members are using that from individual pcs using remote connection. my query is, if one is open the lumerical mode but he is not running the software, unfortunately he didn’t close the lumerical mode. In that situation I am trying to open the software it is showing error. can we fix the error. kindly see the image and let me some help.


Hi @Nanda
This error occurs when you run out of licenses.For example, if you have two licenses, only two people can be using the software at the same time. A third person will experience this error. In Lumerical’s knowledge base you can find the following steps :
Such problems can be resolved by:

  1. Open the control panel and un-install the software (ie. MODE Solutions)
  2. Go to C:\Program Files\Lumerical\ and ensure the product folder
    (i.e. MODE) has been removed. If it is still present, delete the entire
  3. Re-install the new version of the software.

Here is the link : https://kb.lumerical.com/en/index.html?install_flexnet_tbs_common_flexnet_error_codes.html

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Hi @Nanda. Another solution would be if you have admin access to the remote computer then simply log out the second user. This will close their MODE session and free up the license for you. If you do not have admin access then you can get your network administrator to do this for you. Please note that if the other user had unsaved work then they will lose it.

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hi @ konslekk and @aalam thanks for your reply.
Dear aalam what you are thinking is correct and we are experiencing the same problem what u mentioned save the data.
basically when I run the lumerical I will run so many project files and I will not save the data and I will continue the process every day to improve my work. but in the same time if some is accessing the server computer at that time I want to close all the files. Is there any process I will not run the files and I will logout but my files will be present. In that case the author person want open the lumerical do some work by running the software. Kindly let me the solution.
thank you.

Hi @Nanda. Whenever you log out of your user account, all the files will be closed. I am not sure if there is any way to avoid that. However, if you save all the files before logging out then the changes will remain. You will have to re-open the files after you log back in though. Saving your updated files at regular interval is probably the best way to preserve your progress.