Put a dipole source infinitely close to a PEC layer



Dear all,

The problem is that how to calculate the Purcell Factor accurately when the dipole source is infinitely close to a PEC layer .

1.As we all know, a dipole source has a injection source region ( grey box ), so because of this region ( has a minimum size) we can not position a dipole so close to PEC.
2.Moreover, the size of the grey box is rely on the size of mesh, but the length of side of the mesh cell should bigger than lambda/1000, that is a limit of mesh cell size.
3.I read about that we can use a transmission box when that mesh is so small, but the dipole should not so close to the side of the trran-box and should have 6 mesh cells.

So all in all, how to calculate Purcell factor accurately when the dipole is so close to the PEC.



Hi @z3525408

Thanks for sharing your findings.
How close you want the dipole to be close to PEC?

You can setup the simulation file and perform convergence testing similar to this example:
Purcell factor: dipolepower vs. transmission box

One thing to note is to make sure that mesh aspect ratio does not exceed 10/1.

Please go ahead preparing the simulation file and let me know if you had any further questions.