Propagate command in MODE

Today I found the propagate command which calculates the result of an arbitrary mode after it has propagated through a waveguide for some distance.

My question is: does this command account for the propagation losses of the waveguide modes?

I have a waveguide structure where an ITO lossy layer is utilized. However, when I used the following script, the transmission seems to ignore the losses of the first two modes of the waveguide.

mode_L = propagate(“Si Mode”,10e-3,2.25,2.26);
ayaITO20nm.lms (254.2 KB)

Hi Aya,

I did a test with a lossy material and found that the propagation loss is not accounted for when using the propagate script command. I think if the modes have loss then it would be better to use the EME solver to perform the propagation and take into account the loss.

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Yes, Nancy, this is what I did eventually. I suggest you add this note to the KB page to avoid confusion.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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