Product installation on Linux without root access

Custom installation or without root access on Linux

This process is similar to:

Custom installation procedure:

  1. Download the product installation package for Linux from our Downloads page.
  2. Extract the RPM package: Here we are using FDTD Solutions.
tar -zxf FDTD_Solutions-8.20.1661.tar.gz
  1. Change directory to the location of the extracted RPM file.
cd FDTD_Solutions-8.20.1661/
cd rpm_install_files/
  1. Extract the files using rpm2cpio, creating the necessary sub-directories in the process.
rpm2cpio < FDTD_Solutions-8.20.1661.rpm | cpio -i -d
  1. Copy the extracted “fdtd” installation folder to your desired locaton.
    (here we are using the user’s home location and creating the “fdtd” folder, ie… ~/fdtd or /home/user_name/fdtd).
cp -R opt/lumerical/fdtd ~/fdtd
  1. Change directory to your new “fdtd/bin” folder.
cd ~/fdtd/bin
  1. Run FDTD.
./fdtd-solutions &

For runtime errors due to missing libraries or dependencies, these will have to be installed manually.