Problems with trial version

I’m testing a trial version and have noticed differences from the results a colleague gets with his licensed version.
In his laptop, this simulation takes less than 30sec to run and when visualizing the reflection spectra (monitor R_back) there is a peak around 500nm. However, when I run the same file, it takes several minutes, but more confusing is that the spectra I get is different (attached is mine).
cell test-lcp-160nmpitch.fsp (272.5 KB)

Do you know what might be the problem? Can you try running the simulation and plot the data from the R_back monitor? There should be a nice peak when the phase of the source2 is set to +90 and a flat spectra when the source2 phase is -90. (we are trying to simulate reflection with circularly polarized light).

Hi @esteban.bermudez

The simulations took around a minute on my computer though I do not know your computer specs. The licensed and trial version are identical software and you should not see any changes if you use the same version. Can you please check their versions and let me know? (go to help-> about FDTD Solutions).

I got a peak around 500 nm when I set source_1 to be y-polarized with a -90 phase, and had identical results as your image when it was set to be y polarized with 90 phase (which is essentially a flat line around 0.044~0 if you notice the y-axis). I am using the latest version of the software: 2017a R2 (v8.17.1057).