Problem with s-parameter sweep, cannot save results


I updated Lumerical FDTD to the new version 2017a and i tried to run a s-parameter sweep of a 1x2 mmi coupler. When the sweep was completed i chose ‘EXPORT TO INTERCONNECT’ but after i clicked the Save button the FDTD file closed and the .dat file for INTERCONNECT was not saved. I could not find it anywhere. I attempted to open again the FDTD file but now the s-parameters sweep was empty, no results. However, the individual files created by the sweep do exist but i cannot load the results from the s-parameter sweep. The same happenned with another project.
How can I fix it, please?

Hi @evachat

This is strange and sorry for any inconvenience.

Can you please attach your simulation file for a review?


Yes, of course. I attach the initial file. I run it on Linux