Problem with lumerical template - THz device (Chen)

Hi there,

Is there a problem with the simulation fsp file or script for this particular template - THz device (Chen)?

When i run the script, it is returning me nothing on the electric field or surface current.
I remembered that the earlier version works, but there seems to be a change in the model as well.

Dear @wxlim1

I just ran the simulation and it was working fine (except the vector plot which is the bug of the new release). Can you please upgrade your software to the latest version from here and give it another shot?


Dear @bkhanaliloo

Yes, the simulation runs but the transmission/reflection is not similar to the one shown on the website. I also did not obtain any vector plots.

I found out that the script was drawing 2D rectangles and that the material ‘PEC’ was not set onto the rectangles, so i drew 3D rectangles and it works.

Dear @wxlim1

Here is the screenshot of my results for the reflection/transmission plot:

The slight discrepancy is due to mesh size. I don’t have a clear reason why you are not able to reproduce the results. Could you upgrade your software to the latest version?