Problem Reporting Field Profile



To whom it may concern,

In my simulation I am having an issue reporting E magnitude field profiles after running a parameter sweep. My other monitors ( absorption and scattering) report the output data just fine after running the sweep. Also I ran a simulation of the model for fixed parameter values by selecting the run button in the top tool bar. In this case all the E magnitude field profile data was recorded and reported without any issue. It seems like there should be a straight forward fix. Any thoughts?

See the attached simulation: nanocube_test1.fsp (435.7 KB)


The error is because the dimensions of the field monitor changes during the sweep. For the data to be concatenated the monitors need to be the same shape for each sweep. The reason you have this error is because the mesh is changing (within the monitor) during the sweep. (You can just about make this out by eye if you “animate” the sweep.)

If you make your mesh override region larger so that it is bigger than the size of your monitors this will ensure that the monitor shape is constant and you won’t have this problem.

As it is at the moment, if you look at the individual sweep files, you should see that the field monitors were indeed calculated, but they have different dimensions, e.g. for x_normal_profile, sweep 1 has dimensions 1x38x75x50 and sweep 3 has dimensions 1x44x88x50.