Problem regarding thickness sweep


New1.fsp (438.6 KB)
I have some problem regarding this fsp file. I used the thickness sweep of the FDTD to find the thickness of TiO2 layer for which i get the least reflection. But when i run the thickness sweep only the TiO2 layer goes from 0 to maximum thickness, but the indium nanoparticles remain in the same position hanging in the middle of nowhere. I want the nanoparticles to be attached with the TiO2 layer so that when the thickness of TiO2 layer is 10 or 20nm, the Indium nanoparticles remain attached with the layer, not hanging in the air. How can i do that? Any help will be really appreciated. Thank you.

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Dear @mrinmoy

This is because your structure group is not defined properly. Once you are updating the thickness of the rectangle, it does not modify the location of the spheres. To make the idea more clear, I prepared you a very simple structure group. The important part is to link the thickness of the rectangle with the position of the sphere:

As you can see the location of the sphere gets updated with the thickness of rectangle. Please see attached for a simulation file that only includes the structure group:

sphere_rectangle.fsp (231.4 KB)

I hope this clarifies the idea. Please go ahead with your simulation file, and keep me updated if you had further questions.


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dear @bkhanaliloo
thank you very much. I now understand the process, I have now one question, if i only want to change the thickness of the layer, do i need to provide values for x span and z span? what is the purpose of l and w values? thanks in advance.


Dear @mrinmoy

I am not sure if I understood your question. (l, w, t) are (length, width, thickness) of the rectangle and if you don’t define them, software will pick a default (or maybe random) value for the length and width of the rectangle. Since these objects are defined inside structure group, you can modify them only from the script. This means that software will not allow you to modify them from Edit tab.

l and w values are not directly related to sphere position, but are crucial to define rectangle.

I hope this answered your question.



dear @bkhanaliloo
thank you very much. I got the answer of my question. Thanks.