Problem in obtaining Jsc and efficiency for heterojunction solar cell in DEVICE?


Would you please check the pdf file where I included the calculations regarding obtaining electron effective mass, hole effective mass and work function?

This time I tried CdTe and CdS as the properties are given in the DEVICE.
The properties of CdTe and CdS are given below:

With the properties above, I obtained 23 mA/cm^2 Jsc, Voc = 0.72V and eff= 14%.

Again with the same properties, I tried to the obtained work function, electron and hole effective mass. But the result is totally different. Even I used the same back contact and front contact work function for both the cases. Why the result is so varying? Would you please let me know where am I making the mistake?

The change I observed is in the work function of CdS. In DEVICE, CdS has been provided with 6.07 eV work function. But through my calculation I obotained 4.02 work function for CdS. Please have a look at that portion.

PDF file: Calculation_1.pdf (577.0 KB)

DEVICE: CdS_CdTe.ldev (7.4 MB)

Please, a quick response will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


If you look at our reference guide for semiconductor material properties in the link below, it is mentioned that the work function taken in material database is for intrinsic (undoped) material not the doped one and this makes sense because the effect of doping on work function will be considered by the solver in the simulation once you add doping to materials in the simulation setup but in your calculations, you are considering the doped material work function which is not correct. So you should use the formulation provided in the guide to obtain the work function from affinity.