Problem in Interoperability between Cadence Virtuoso and Lumerical Interconnect

Hi, I am trying to interface between Cadence Virtuoso and Lumerical Interconnect for my project simulation. I installed the cadence interoperability according to the instruction of Lumerical website but couldn’t open it via virtuoso. I have attached the snapshot of the command window file for a better understanding of the problem. Here, I used the Cadence Virtuoso 5.1.41 (Version) and Lumerical 2019b.
Is there any problem with Cadence’s version? Please let me know how can I solve this issue.

Hi @rifat.nazneen,

Thank you for posting your question. From the error message, bash cannot find virtuoso. You should check in PATH if the Cadence install folders are present.
I’m not too sure what version of Virtuoso and SPECTRE our 2019b release was tested with, you can check the EPDAversion file in


Finally, make sure you have access to the INTERCONNECT-Virtuoso interoperability license (from us) and the Virtuoso Photonics Option/platforwm (from Cadence). The full requirement are available here.

Hi @gbaethge,
Thank you for your valuable suggestions. I also tried Virtuoso from C-Shell but still, interoperability didn’t open via virtuoso. But I can work on Virtuoso individually. I could not access the link which you shared for getting license. It’s showing that I am not registered to access it.
It would be helpful if you let me know how I will get the license.

My bad, I forgot this section of the documentation is restricted access. I don’t know if you have the license for it, you should check with the person who is managing the license and/or your account manager (you can mail to