Problem in calculating reflectance of nanoantenna

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I found the absorption and scattering cross section of nanoantenna using TFSF source and total, scattering power box. I also want to calculate reflectance and transmittance, so I used plane wave source with periodic boundary condition in x and y direction. But am getting strange result. I herewith attached my simulation file for calculating absorption cross section and also file for calculating reflectance.
I kindly request to solve this problem.

Thank you!!!

The below images shows my result for cross sections and reflectance.

antenna - relectance.fsp (261.4 KB)
antenna- cross sections.fsp (310.6 KB)

I am not an expert, Could you tried with conformal variant 1? It is due to you have a metal (gold) in the mesh option in the FDTD setup and maybe put the reflection/transmission monitors bigger than the FDTD area…


The best way to analyse the results will be take a look at the electric field profile at the nanostructure. Also, remember that there are two different refractive indices (n =1 and n=glass). That could also explain the split in the resonance.

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