Power coupling from one fiber to another


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Sry for late…After changing the symmetry, I get the result as paper
mentioned. Thank you for your reply and suggestion.

But now I encountered another question when I do other simulation:
This is a really big model, I want to see how much power can be coupled
into the fiber: the fiber’s dimensions are R:62.5um r:1.5um L:80um
the mesh size is 10001000300 . After calculation, I got two plots about
the power, but as you see, there are too many zigzags on plot.
I want to know what can cause that and how to cancel it. Thanks for your

Best Wishes,
Zhou Yu

Fail to find a bandgap for 1-d PC cavity

Dear @iambud

I am glad to hear that your previous results are convincing.

Generally ripples are created when simulation time is not enough and auto shutoff is not triggered. Sometime poor PML absorption can create ripples as well.

Can you please share your simulation file for a review? Also, if you are trying to replicate the results of a paper, can you please provide the link?



Dear @bkhanaliloo

Sry for late, the result are generated by few hours’ running, so the file
is quite large… According to what you said, I try to elongate the
simulation time. Hope I can get the convincing result.

If not, I will try to show you the file. I really appreciate your helping
and sry for my late reply.

Best Wishes,
Zhou Yu


I have attached the file which didn’t run the simulation, hope it will be

fiber - Copy.fsp (293 KB)


Dear @iambud

Thank you for the simulation file and additional information. I had a few questions for you to clarify the case a bit more.

Can you please explain what you are trying to simulate? I can see that you have a dipole sitting at the edge of the fiber, but I am not quite clear what you are trying to measure and why you have placed monitors at the center and the edge of the fiber.



Hi bkhanaliloo,

I’m sorry for missing your reply. Now it works, I am really appreciated for
your helping and sorry for the delay. You are so kind and patient.

Best Wishes,
Zhou Yu