Possible bug in power and impedance integration



I am trying to calculate the percentage of modal confinement in an area around my waveguide but the center (y,z) positions entered don’t seem to correspond to what is shown in the image. So I’m not sure if the result I’m getting is correct or not. I’ve attached a screenshot showing how (0.25,0.25) is shown as (0,0.25) in the cross-sectional image.
“center y (um)” changes the z position but “center z (um)” has no apparent effect on the circular indicator, but the “fraction integrated” does change for both parameters.


Hi @mw20g10,

I’ve been trying to reproduce the problem with our latest version (7.9.1157) but it seemed to work. Are you using an older version?



I’m using version 7.8.1022. Has this bug been listed as a fix since my version? I can’t easily update to the latest version due to the license manager.


Hi @mw20g10,

It seems there was some graphical issues in the 2016b release that were corrected since then, so I would definitely suggest to download and install the latest version.


Thanks, does this mean that the “fraction integrated” will still be correct given some input data, ignoring the graphical display?
(useful to know I can still script with this function before upgrading)


As you mentioned in your first post, the fraction integrated changes when changing the parameters but the circle is not updated. I think the calculation is correct although the display of the area is not.

To be sure, you can do the calculation manually and compare the results. The power integration is described here.


That’s what I had figured, didn’t see that reference page so I will confirm it later.
Thanks for the help.