Ports in FDTD for two modes(TE,TM)



I am following this example

I remove the ports in the example file (FDTD) and try to redo it, but I can not select two modes at the same time.

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Hi @bahareh.sherafati.1,

You can only inject one mode at a time in the port object. But you can swap the modes and get the full s-parameter to export. You will have to use the “User select” option and select the modes you want and then sweep the modes one by one to get the full s-parameter.

You can also use the s-parameter sweep to automate this process; please refer to the following page for the details on s-parameter sweep:


I hope this could help. I’d love to discuss more if you have further problems on this.


So before running the simulation I choose “user select” and in select modes I choose the mode1 and run the simulation. then I add S-parameter object and run it. In the next step, I go back to layout mode and I choose mode2 in select modes. then I run the simulation again. and the previous data for mode1 is still saved in the s-parameter so I run the s-parameter sweep again to save the second set of data for mode2. Am I right?
It is not working like that. I got confused.



My goal is to reach some thing like this as I can see in the example file:


Oh my God! I was so stupid! I can select two modes at the same time. Thanks



Hi @bahareh.sherafati.1,

I am glad you figured it out :slight_smile: Let me know if you have further problems.