Port angle in EME solver



I can see that there is a way to set the port angle in EME simulations as explained in the links below.

If I understand it correctly, the two angles defined (theta, phi) change the “yaw” and “roll” of the mode injected from the port, respectively. Please see below for the definition of “yaw,” “roll” and “pitch.”

Is there any way to change the “pitch” angle of the mode from a port? In other words, for the top image in the link below [copied here], is there a way to excite the mode of a waveguide that “dives” into the substrate at a shallow angle?


My interpretation of the theta, phi angles above was incorrect. I landed on the following page that provided more detailed definitions, copied below. With these two angles it is possible to orient the mode (port) in an arbitrary direction.

“ANGLE THETA sets the angle with respect to the injection axis.”
“This angle of injection is then rotated around the injection axis by ANGLE PHI in a right-hand context.”

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