Plasmonic Substrate

My goal in the attached simulation is to obtain data within the monitors, specfically E, H, P, T, and far field. I am not sure exactly why the simulation is able to run and save, but the monitor does not contain any of the aforementioned data. Any help as to why this could be the case would be much appreciated.

565_Design_Rectangular.fsp (549.2 KB)


What is the physical experiment you are trying to understand with this simulation? From the FDTD file, I can see that you have a lot of dipole sources (probably to simulate the emission arising from molecules within the plasmonic nanostructure). The z span is too small, it needs to be at-least in the order of the wavelength of light. So for 500 nm light I would use a z-span of 1000 nm or so.

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Hi Matt,
The monitors don’t contain any of the data you want due to the fact that their “z position” lies outside the FDTD simulation domain. I modified this and ran the simulation and the monitors contain the data now.
Also, the Transmission DFT had “z” that is above the whole structure and doesn’t pass through any part of it.

I don’t know what are you up to. However, if you can tell us what is your goal exactly, I can provide more help.


565_Design_Rectangular.fsp (3.2 MB)