Plasmonic solar cell with nanoparticles

i don’t understand what is wrong with this file. whenever i change the shape of the nanoparticle, i get exact same result for all the three shapes (spherical, hemispherical and pyramidal). even when i change particle material from indium to silver, then also i get the exact same result. i don’t know why is this happening. can anyone help me here? thank you.In-TiO2 thickness hemisphere.fsp (1.6 MB)

Dear @mrinmoy

It looks like you are running a 2D simulations, and hemisphere is not located inside the FDTD simulation region. You can check this by visualizing the index monitor or by looking at xz view of the simulation:

To fix this, you can set the FDTD center to z=0 from geometry tab:

Also, I do not think you can reduce the y-span of FDTD. You can start by leaving half the max-wavelength (1.1/2=0.55um) between FDTD y-boundaries and sphere and increase the span when is required.

I hope this was helpful.