Plasmonic in Device



I want to ask about something. Can i design a structure in Device and make a plasmonic (like adding in the core gold or silver) ? and there is anything will added to see the effect of plasmonic ?
If there are some examples about plasmonic in device, please share it.



Hi, @yara_elsebaai !

Recognize that the DEVICE package is solely for simulations for heat and electrical distributions.
Usually, all the plasmonic part of a simulation, such as field distribution, is pefromed in FDTD.
To answer further, could you specify what you need exactly from simulation?


Thanks for your reply.
I wanted examples in plasmonics because i interested to know electrical properties of it.


Hi @yara_elsebaai, can you be a bit more specific. For example can you share any relevant articles that simulates or reports what you are trying to simulate with DEVICE? If you are looking to model something like “plasmon-induced hot electrons” then I am afraid that DEVICE cannot model that.


Thank you for your interest.

I mean some thing like this paper.
Exceeding the limit of plasmonic light trapping in textured screen-printed solar cells using Al nanoparticles and wrinkle-like graphene sheets.pdf (651.0 KB)


Hi @yara_elsebaai, correct me if I am wrong but looking at the attached paper it looks to me that the plasmonic structure in this solar cell contributes to the optical absorption of the device only. There should be no effect on the electrical behavior so from the electrical simulation point of view you should be able to just ignore the nanoparticles and run the simulation as it is. The enhancement in the short circuit current will come from the higher absorption due to surface plasmons in the nanoparticles which you can simulate with FDTD.