Plasmon Resonance



I am trying to obtain the plasmon resonance of Silver sphere coated with a Glass hollow sphere(core-shell structure). The problem is the script file/simulation setup that I am using is completing ignoring the glass hollow sphere and taking only the radius of the silver sphere into account.
The warning message says:
" line 14: in get, more than one object had the requested property and the values were different, the value from the first selected object with the property ‘radius’ is being returned’
I am also uploading the “.fsp” file and the script file here.
embedded_plasmon.lsf (2.7 KB)

embedded_plasmon.fsp (289.2 KB)


The warning message is because line 13 selects all the objects (i.e. “sphere_Ag” and “sphere_glass”), so the software does not know which of those objects you are referring to when asking for the radius in line 14. By default it returns the radius of the first of those, i.e. “sphere_Ag”.
I don’t know enough about what you’re doing, but maybe you want to replace line 13 with select("sphere_glass"); so that you get the radius of that object instead.


Thank you for your reply. The warning message is not popping up now but I am still not sure about the data.


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